Self-hosted project management tools

Written by Jens Eraßmy on January 2, 2018

Physical boards are most flexible when it comes to process needs. That changes when external collaboration and remote access are mandatory. Here is a short survey of requirements (defined by a developer) and potential tools.

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Mixed Reality - building pipelines, sharing experiences

Written by Martin (Mio) Zier on October 17, 2017

Mixed Reality is a recently more popular addition to the current XR trend. The very first marketing material of the HTC Vive included Mixed Reality scenes to communicate Virtual Reality - and it makes a whole lot of sense!

VR and AR are currently in a funny state where all enthusiasts want to create content but it doesn’t sell at all. One major reason is communication of the experience - just showing a first person view is very unnatural and the last well known motion video failed horribly (but not for that reason), which was the trashy Doom movie. And that was just a small anecdote to its origins.

Actress illuminates herself

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Evaluating indoor positioning systems

Written by Stefan Dieterle on October 12, 2017

Indoor positioning systems take over where satellite-based systems are becoming too inaccurate due to signal attenuation by building structures. There is a plethora of indoor positioning systems on the market and choosing the most appropriate one can be challenging. Those systems use a wide range of technical solutions and differ in:

  • ease of use
  • reactivity
  • power usage
  • accuracy
  • price

Furthermore, due to the physical properties used for the positioning systems their performance depends on the environment in which they operate. It is therefore recommended to assess the usefulness of indoor positioning systems for each particular environment and use case. Here we present an experimental set up to determine the static accuracy of positioning systems. We have used this set up to compare the Quuppa and the GoIndoor positioning systems.

Position errors

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No more hide-and-seek? Impressions of the Quuppa-Indoor-Location System

Written by Andreas Rettig on October 6, 2017

Indoor navigation is still an undecided game. Outside of buildings GPS, Glonass and Galileo are the big players, all of them based roughly on the same principle: Measuring the time the signal needs from sender to receiver. But as soon as we enter a building and get out of reach of the satellites’ signals, things become surprisingly complicated. There are many solutions that provide indoor location estimation with different technical approaches. We evaluated and installed the indoor positioning system “Quuppa”. Here’s a summary of our experiences.


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Hands on the new Microsoft Motion Controllers and Acer Mixed Reality Headset

Written by Khaled Reguieg on August 29, 2017

Today we had the chance to take a first look at the new Microsoft Motion Controllers and the Acer Mixed Reality (MR) headset in our office. As partner for a health/medicine research project made by Diagnost-X we are about to create a mixed reality tutorial and instructions for a lab, which empowers medics in India to learn the procedure needed producing the product. We will keep you up-to-date about this project on this blog.

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Creating a Mobile Audio Experience at Changi Airport

Written by Julian Krumow on August 24, 2017

Recently a new kinetic installation went live in Terminal 4 at Changi Airport, Singapore. This installation is quite special, not only because of its mechatronic complexity and sheer size but because it offers an audio experience too. In this post I want to describe how this mobile audio experience was implemented.

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Browsers as Font Renderers

Written by Martin (Mio) Zier on June 6, 2017

Font rendering is a difficult topic in general. Unicode is trying to set an uniform standard juggling all kinds of glyphs and - which is often forgotten - control characters for different styles of writing.

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FFmpeg in a Docker Box

Written by Dirk Lüsebrink on May 31, 2017

You call the box container of course. Nonetheless, FFmpeg and its compilation complexities gets neatly abstracted away inside this container. My former boss taught me: “It’s always about how to get them into the box.” My preferred tool being docker, then, if the only tool you have is docker, let the whole world look like a container.

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One Year of MQTT

Written on September 20, 2016

We have been using MQTT in production at a large exhibition project for almost a year now. It’s been a pleasant experience so far, thanks to MQTT itself and a small addition we built ourselves.

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Go with the Crow, in 360°

Written on August 12, 2016

Just outside the window my co-worker is feeding the crows every day. So today I decided to put them to work, as testing models for our shiny new Kodak 4k 360° camera rig.

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